Downloading & Printing - Steve Bussey

Instructions for Downloading & Printing

DOWNLOADING: All the images on this website are available for instant digital download to your computer, laptop or portable device by clicking the BUY button which appears at the bottom right of any image page when you move the mouse. You will receive a very high resolution, 300dpi jpg file which can be printed out at home or via your preferred printing service, it can also be used as a background screen on your computer or portable device. The high resolution makes it perfect for printing as wall art onto a poster, canvas or metal to adorn your walls at home or in the office.

OUR PRINT SERVICES: We have partnered with four leading print labs, offering a very wide range of services who will take care of all the details, you can order a print by clicking the BUY button, select the material, finish and size you want and they will deliver it direct to your door. You will be directed to the best print lab for you based on your location, automatically.

PRINT SIZES and ASPECT RATIO: The size of most of these images is 7200 x 4800 pixels (3:2 aspect ratio) which allows them to be printed 24  x 16 inches (61 x 39 Cm) without any loss of detail at 300 dpi. In fact they can be printed much larger and still look fantastic from the viewer's position. If you wish to print them on material of a different size (or aspect ratio) then some cropping may be necessary. The print lab service will give you a preview of how the final picture will look before you finally commit to purchase. Smokeart picture sizes may be different, check the preview before printing.