About - Steve Bussey

About Steve Bussey

Hi, I am a computer artist, woodturner and guitarist living in Western Cornwall, UK. Digital Art has been an interest of mine ever since I heard about fractals and the wonderful range of colourful images that can be produced at home on a fairly modest PC.

The pictures shown here were produced using a software sketchbook called Processing which is optimised for visual arts. I have developed a series of algorithms which produce images according to a set of rules. The computer is given a degree of freedom to interpret the rules more or less strictly so each image produced will differ  in some way. By changing  and tweaking the rules, I can generate a wide range of images.  This type of art is often referred to as Generative or Algorithmic Art.

These images are completely non representational and abstract. The titles I've given them are often simply the first words that came into my mind when looking at them or they may reflect the music I was listening to at the time. I doubt whether many of you will see the same things in them as I do, I suggest you don't concern yourself with that but just enjoy them for what they are.

You can email me at bussey244@gmail.com